Frequently Asked Questions – Slaithwaite Self Storage

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Our rates vary depending on the unit size and duration of stay.  our smallest space of just £30/month.  We also ask you to purchase storage insurance from our insurance partner (

When comparing storage costs, remember that our units are almost 3m high, so for lovers of Tetris, our units can be very cost effective.

Thats really up to you.  From a couple of days to long-term.  We have a lot of business users that have our units on an ongoing basis. We are very flexible – all we ask is that you give us 2 weeks notice before vacating your unit.

We have always-recording cameras that cover the car park, loading bay and main storage corridor.  We also have a bluetooth access system that lets us know who’s coming and going.  The compound is in a pleasant part of Slaithwaite close to some great local businesses.  On an evenings the compound is gated.   YOU need to secure your self storage unit, and we ask you to insure your possessions using our preferred insurance partner (

Your belongings in self storage need to be insured BY YOU throughout your tennancy. We recommend using Surewise to insure your possessions within our facility. Click Here to visit them and access their website for a quote.

  • Radioactive Goods
  • Persihable Goods
  • Gas Cannisters
  • Illegal Goods
  • Pollutants or contaminated Goods/waste
  • Stop and speed reports and more
  • Guns or explosives
  • Food of any kind
  • Petrol
  • Animals / Livestock
  • Aerosols
  • Toxic or Hazardous Products
  • Parents, Grandparents or Children